Silent Hill

The story based off of the popular video game that tells the tale of a town completely cut off years ago from literally the world we know by a deep coal mine fire that spiritually and physically destroys a town and that is still burning deep in the shafts as we speak...

The movie was very unique, original and fun to watch. The creatures and concepts were insane. They weren't scary to me but instead very creative an intense. 

The concept of the story was amazing but the follow through might have been a little rough. Whether you approve or not will be totally up to you and your state of mind while viewing it.

I loved the different characters like the female cop, the leader of the insane religious group, the gas masked scavengers, the different monsters, and even Sean Bean. 

The thing with Sean Bean is that he really didn't even have a point. He was just kinda there. This was confirmed when I found out that the producers before they could green light the script wanted more male lead roles. SO...they rewrote the script with his character. Thinking back on the movie..he has the only lead male role and every male supporting actor is involved with his element of the story which really didnt even have to be in there. Funny stuff.

The special effects were good,the sets awesome, the acting good, and camera work amazing. There were some scenes involving the actors that seemed a bit forced and awkward. I don't really think it was the actors fault but maybe instead the direction.
Crazy movie and well worth seeing. It is definitely one of those movies that you want to see again to confirm or deny your opinion.

Reviewed by: shea