Don't be confused by the title. This isn't a biography of Kafka or even a movie based on one of his stories, but instead...an adaptation of his writing style as a whole. All the Kafka-esquire things you'd expect are here: conspiracy, paranoia, mystery, and the like.

I love the movies that have been out for years and years that you just randomly stumble across and randomly watch and just so happen to love. I saw the trailer for this movie at Film School in Maine.
Ever since I have kinda kept my eye out for it at rental stores and Best Buy. Unfortunately it is not out on DVD but only VHS.
When I saw it at Blockbuster last week I had to get it.

The film has excellent acting from Jeremy Irons(Lion King's Scarface and Kingdom of Heaven), Sir Alec Guiness(Obi Wan from origianl Star Wars), and Ian Holm (Brazil, LOTR, Garden State). The film was directed by Ocean 11 and 12, Traffic, and Sex Lies and Video Tape's Steven Soderbergh.

The cinematography was awesome. It had a dark almost film noir style that gave the film an almost cryptic feel. It was made in 1991 but felt like it was made in 1941 save for the shooting style, which is very contemporary, and of course the drastic switch to color three quarters of the way through the movie. But the set has a 1950's czech republic kinda feel with old acrs and everyone in Bogart's trenchcoats and mob hats. 

The story follows an insurance writer's(Kafka) journey to find his missing friend which leads him to be involved unwillingly with an underground anarchist group and against the dark castle on the outskirts of town. Heck there are even zombie things in the movie(not really zombies but close enough). 

Great movie I highly recommend...even for you K-Bonna. Check it out on VHS at the Blacksburg. I am going to have to watch it again but I could see it moving up the ranks as one of my favorite movies. But only time will tell.

Reviewed by: shea