Mission Impossible 3

Aight...Kim did an excellent job of describing the things that were wrong with this movie so I am going to let her be the bad guy on this one so check it for the negatives. Ethan hunt battles for his wife(yes wife)agaisnt Oscar winner Hoffman in this high octane barely breathable summer action flick. And that is exactly what it was. The perfect summer action flick. 

As Ben Smith so beautifully put it..."Man, they had some great angles on the action this time...I mean I have never seen things get tossed around like that before". And that is just how this summer needed to be kicked off. With things gettin tossed around a little different than before. And Ben was right. After the first 30 to 45 minutes of the movie the next hour is just beautiful, intense, and flawless action that has just enough originally to it to keep you wanting more. Oh...And this wasn't mindless action. This was the kind of action that was almost a character in itself. It was witty, fresh, intriguing, gasping, and very explosive. 

The acting was great. Good chemistry between Seymour and Cruise. I like Ving Rhaymes and OH...THE BEST PART...Shawn of the Dead's very own Simon Pegg had a supporting role. That's right folks. There is a little bit of zombie in every great movie.

This movie was fun. I was entertained from about 1/4 of the way through all the way till the end. Excellent action, well choreographed fighting, and amazing spy gadgets and sneakiness. But don't let the first big action scene fool ya. I actually thought that one sucked. It is the one where they break into the warehouse to rescue a captured IMF agent. It felt forced and unoriginal. But after that folks, fasten your seatbelts...Because summer action movies have left the building.

Reviewed by: shea