The controversial film of the 70's that tells the tale of four men who take a canoe trip on a soon to be flooded river by the power company for a hydroelectric damn. On this journey the four men run into some rough back woods characters that we educated people of the modern call "malungions". This film is most notorious for its iconic line..."Squeal like a pig boy".

This is one of those films that I have always been curious about but never had any desire to see. While guiding on a fishing trip my fishing clients could not believe I had never seen this movie. So for the rest of the day they began quoting and reenactment many of the scenes. They continued to tell me they watch it every time they have planned a fishing trip.

So needless to say I dropped down the blockbuster card and check it out. Point of fact...I loved it. I was very very impressed. It was a very intense story with intense characters and a very very well done movie.
And yes yes...I know there is a very intense man on man rape scene. BUT...In my opinion Pulp Fiction is 10 times worse. Deliverance gets the bad wrap because it was the ice breaker.

What I loved about this movie? I loved the four characters, John Vouight and Burt Reynolds being the two main ones. I loved the cinematography. The shot compositions were amazing. Last but not least I loved the story. It was a gritty outdoors survival tale that forced men into tight corners where they had to push above and beyond what any normal man should have to face(similar to the theme of a zombie movie).

So anyone who is halfway curious about the film but who has shied away form it because of the scene it is remembered for I would say see it. I would watch the movie again and maybe own it. But that just might be the river guide coming out.
Reviewed by: shea