The remake of "The Poseidon Adventure" witch starred Gene Hackman about the cruise ship that gets capsized by a "rogue" wave and remains upside down after the impact. A band of survivors disobey their Captain's orders to remain in the ballroom to wait for help and find their own means of salvation.

To put it bluntly the movie was not good at all. There ya go, I just went ahead and put it out on the table. But just because the movie sucked doesn't mean we didn't have a good time watching it. At some points I laughed at the cheesiness, at others I giggled at the stupidity, and during some I smirked at the impossibility. 

There actually were some scenes that had the potential to be very intense but some how or another the scene would find a way to capsize itself into "pfff" or pull me away from the intensity.

For the most part the main characters were engaging. Kurt Russell was the freaking man and I actually really enjoyed watching him on the screen. I think he stole the show from tough guy Josh Lucas. Richard Dryfuss...he was very laughable and I don't think that was the role intended for his character. The small kid that tagged along got into his typical trouble and "hey where did the kid go, OMG we must find him and quick because the water is rising" scenes were annoying.

Wolfgang Peterson was the director(he did Troy, Perfect Storm, Das Boot, and In the Line of Fire) and it did bother me to see that he was going to be directing one of my favorite books, "Enders Game". My personal favorite of his so far has been "The Perfect Storm" but since Troy I feel a slip coming on in his career. As long as he doesn't ruin Ender's Game I have no beef.

ANYWAY...as I mentioned before, everyone knew this wasn't going to be a good movie and yet we all still went. While standing in front of the theater after the show in the cool spring breeze we all laughed and had a hilarious time reenacting the scenes like a bunch of bullies making fun of a loser kid. But when all was said and done...we all had to admit we had a good time. AND THAT...is what its all about. Thanks Mr. Wolfgang, for a pleasant evening of mindless summer cinema.

Reviewed by: shea