Davinci Code, The

The movie based on the controversial super best seller written by Dan Brown. The movie tells the story of our modern day Indiana Jones, Robert Langdon, as he and company accidently pursue "The Holy Grail"(not the one in the "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade".

It was a lot easier for me to watch and enjoy this movie after have read the book. It was easier for me to follow the movies heavy explaining and heavy dialog. I was actually worried about the speed of this movie because of it urgent need to explain everything in great detail for us as a viewer to be able to follow instead of read. But Ron Howard actually pulled it off nicely with excellent flashbacks to medieval battles and spoils.
In point of fact what ended up being one of the biggest disappointments of the film was Tom Hanks and his acting. I thought he was dry and uninterested in his role. I guess my first clue to this was after reading an interview Ron Howard asked Hanks to be in the movie. Hanks having been clueless to the fame of the book or even what it might have been about asked with a puzzled look..."You want me to play Davinci". The rest is history. I think Hanks would have been excellent for the part if he would have responded..."You want me to play Robert Langdon in the adaptation of the best selling novel of all time...Ron this is a dream come true".

Ian Mckellen actually stole the show with an excellent performance crisp with whit and humor. Excellent job for Gandalf the... 

Another joy was seeing Jean Reno(The Professional and La Femme Nakita) back on the screen. His part was not big nor his acting amazing but his presence was there and that made me smile.

NOW...My favorite aspect of this movie was the character Silas(Paul Bettany). In the book this Albino monk was my favorite character. Howard presented him exactly as I would have envisioned him. His scenes were intense, harsh, creepy, yet nothing short of amazing. I love it when you have a villain who you cannot help but feel sorry for. When this villain dies or gets captured instead of cheering you are saddened. Great character and great scenes. Paul Bettany...I hope to see you as the Joker.

The movie on the whole. Howard technically speaking did a great job with the camera, editing, etc etc. It was visually crisp and fun to watch. The acting was so so... A little disappointed with Hanks. But when you have played the roles he has sometimes it is hard to live up to yourself, especially with a role like Dr. Langdon. I think if I wouldn't have read the book I would have been really impressed with some of the more intense scenes and really bored with others. I found myself not really caring too much for the two main characters and wanting to see more about Silas. I think the reviews are a little harsh on the movie. I mean come on...Its directed by Ron Howard and based on the best selling book of all time(save for the bible, I find that ironic)...so it cant be that bad of a movie...Technically speaking anyway. 

So...To some I will recommend and to others I say avoid. But as for me. Eh...It was fun. Oh, and I got in free.

PS. It is THE best selling book isn't it?

Reviewed by: shea
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Nick said...
Honestly, there's not much to say except "The book was better." I actually talked to a co-worker about this today. The movie ruined the book. They COMPLETELY changed the ending for no good reason... and Tom Hanks really didn't fit the role of Langdon very well. Though, while Ian McKellen didn't fit the look of his role whatsoever, he played the role great. And Silas was the biggest redeeming factor, because he was dead on. Also... no, it's not the best selling book. The best selling book belongs to one of the Harry Potter books (presumably the last one). Let me put it this way, Amazon alone sold out completely of it's MILLIONS of copies... MONTHS before the book even came out... so just in the pre-ordering stage. Not to mention it's published in almost every language imaginable and is still in the process of being translated and published to some of the smaller countries.
Shea said...
Yeah...I read the book and saw the movie. Silas was my favorite parts of both. Ian is a great actor but just wants to be part of the controversal. Hanks was disappointing for the most part. I just remember getting bored after Silas died. It's been awhile since I've seen it but I am pretty sure I will never see it again. I take it your a Potter fan.
Nick said...
"I take it your a Potter fan." Haha... have you gathered that? I'm a hardcore Potter fan. Actually, my next big project is going to be a book that is a literary analysis on the major characters of Harry Potter, focusing mostly on the Monomyth, religious symbolism, and Nazi and totalitarian/fascist symbolism.
Rick said...
I have to agree...the book was so much better. I was really excited to see this movie and left the theater very disappointed. When I was reading the book I couldn't wait until the next chapter. While watching the movie I couldn't wait unit the credits were rolling. I believe by reading the book it ruined the movie experience.
I agree Ricky... ...wait I didn't see it