Omen, The (remake)

The remake of the 1976 Gregory Peck and Richard Donner film. The story concentrates on the birth and early years of the anti-Christ.
The movie on the whole was not near as good as the original. But it was not a total loss. Many of the crucial scenes that have lost their clout with age are definitely better. 

Lets start with the acting. Julia Stiles was horrible in this role. I never felt like she was the mother of this child. I was never convinced. I just think she has nothing to relate to in her acting having never been a mother herself. She was dry and passionless until her death.

Leiv Striever did an excellent job under the shadow of Greg Peck. It was hard to even compare the two because Peck played a much older father and Leiv the younger. Streiver's screen presence was very effective and dominating. 

As for our little villain Damien I think I liked this kid better. He was definitely a better actor and maybe a little too good. The child of old was a hairy little meatball kid who seemed careless and stupid in front of the camera. The new Damien was very very aware of his new stardom. 

It was a game of hit and miss for the rest of the movie. Some pivotal scenes tried to hard and fell short while others were way way more effective than the original. The fall of the mother from the balcony was ten times better and her death in the hospital was the crescendo. When the father and photographer are searching through the graveyard and the dog's attack...That was 100 times better than the original. 

The original Omen won for best priest death, best nanny number one death, and best nanny number two death. Oh...And the original had a more punch to your stomach ending. The new one again...tried to hard.

Something for the tidbits...the second nanny is played by Mia Farrow who plays in the best anti-Christ movie made so far..."Rosemary's Baby". It was fun to see her on the screen again as well as get run over by a car.

Another major difference from the old one was the attempt to involve the Vatican. Tsk tsk. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Many people get all up in arms about remakes but I found this one somewhat enjoyable to compare. IT was a valiant effort by the filmmakers to try and bring back the classic for the once in a life time date. 06-06-06.

The only major downfall in the remake is this...I felt that the original did a n excellent job of portraying the parent's personal conflict with the situation. This one focused more on preventing the anti-Christ.

Reviewed by: shea