Pixar's next animation since the academy award winning "Incredibles" tells the story from the perspective of a hot shot racecar(Owen Wilson) and how he matures in the things that really matter in the world of people less cars.

When I first saw the trailer I thought it was going to be a little hard for me to get pulled into the story. Bugs, toys, and fish were all creative things to give human life to. But a car...?
Needless to say the animation and visuals are amazing as usual. Pixar's ability to create a computer generated world and make it feel so real has always and still is incomparable.
The witty humor and story quirks were as usual everything they needed to be to make you smile and think..."Man these guys are good".

The story was ok. Far from their best. I categorize it down there with Bug's Life. Good movie but no Toy Story, Nemo, or Incredibles.
I had a hard time with Owen Wilson as a voice actor. Instead of enjoying the character of the hot shot racecar I kept seeing Owen Wilson's face and it was hard for me to adjust. Paul Newman as the old beat up racer made up for it.

I don't know how long the movie actually was but it felt really long. And for a movie to make you all the sudden start thinking about how long it is...well that says a lot right there.

Good animation...not on par with the rest of the best of Pixar, but definitely still a worthy venture.

OH...probably one of the better shorts at the beginning.

Reviewed by: shea