Nacho Libre

Jared Hess's return film after Napoleon Dynamite. Nacho is the son of protestant and catholic missionaries who tried to convert each other but instead got married. Nacho cares for the food and the dead at his Mexican monastery and dreams of being a professional wrestler while all others consider it unholy.

I was not a big fan of Napoleon Dynamite. I mean I enjoyed it, I really did. But I would rather watch my friends reenact it than watch the movie for a third time. I felt it was a character sketch of a loser with no plot or purpose except to make us laugh and relate (nothing wrong with that). 

BUT NACHO...Nacho Libre had all the elements that worked in Napoleon except now a plot to drive us. I loved this movie and already saw it twice. Jack Black was hilarious and relational as a Mexican not a mexican't. I fell in love with all the characters actually. From the skinny tag team beggar to the stuck up evil hero Ramsese, to the magical gypsy, to the fat little Chancho. All lovable in some form or another.

The humor was in the same vein as Napoleon. While watching you smile and later you reenact it with all your friends in front of the theater. Very clean and character driven laughs. 

The story was the basic follow your dreams no matter what the situation is or what others are saying. We have seen this same tale told in almost every shape and size. But this package was one of the most meaningful to me personally. 

On the surface I was smiling at the screen but under the surface something was actually being inspired and a little moved.

It is true I am a pansy deep down. Men wrestling in stretchy pants and capes inspires me to be a better man.

Great movie. I loved it and will probably see it a third time. As with most films though, not all will like it(my dad...he kept throwing up his arms and saying "What!?")... but if you enjoyed the humor of Napoleon then you will love this movie.

Reviewed by: shea
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Jean said...
The worst Jack Black movie of all time... it's not that funny and it drags on forever...
Shea said...
Ahhhhhhhhhhh Jean!!! Your killing me here. This movie is amazing. Napolean is the dry heap of boring cinema.
Kevin E. said...
Loved it. I don't know how many times I've randomly screamed, "Get that corn outta my face!" Jean, surely you laughed when Nacho used his strength to rip his blouse.
Shea said...
Nacho: Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle and then made me such a stinky warrior?
Nick said...
I liked Nacho Libre, but I thought Napoleon Dynamite was much better and funnier. Though I do agree with your comment about the fact it's always more fun to reenact scenes from ND and/or quote it with friends... but still, I love the movie all the same. ND quotes have become part of my everyday vocabulary (as sad as that is... but I'm totally serious. I don't think I go a day without calling somebody "IDIOT!" in such an over-dramatic way... I'm also prone to saying 'you're just jealous because I've been chatting online with babes... all day' and 'you know I'm training to become a cage fighter!' Hilarity).