Superman Returns

Bryan Singer returns to the big screen leaving X-Men in the ashes as he pens what he has claimed as,"the most influential saga in his pre-filmmaking life". And that is exactly what this movie has going for it. A driver behind the wheel who truly loves Superman and knows exactly what the story and characters need to recreate another lost super hero franchise. The feeling behind the movie reminds me a lot of what Peter Jackson did with King Kong.

The acting and special effects of the movie were all amazing. Brandon Routh surpassed my expectations of his ability to carry the shy awkward Kent and quickly rip off his suit and become the noble American poster boy. Spacey does an excellent job once again under Singer's direction with his likable evil Lex Luther. The effects were jaw dropping and saturated with visual suspense. My jaw dropped at least three times.

The story was definitely better than I thought judging from the trailers. It was far from believable unless you truly enter the world of Metropolis. Unlike Batman where everything feels real and gritty. Superman is borderline sci-fi with his alien background,invincibility, heat vision, see through walls, hear anything, bullet proof, flies, super strong...ect ect ect. I think that is probably why I am not a big fan of the character. He's hard to relate to. No real weakness except a green mineral or his desire to be with Lois Lane.


Great movie hands down. Coming from a guy who is not a big fan of the character that is Superman I will end this review with a quote from the brilliant writer Adam Frazier. "It is as good as a Superman movie can get".

Reviewed by: shea