Miami Vice

Tonight's film was Michael Mann's gritty twist on the '80s television series Miami Vice. The film stars Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx as detectives Sunny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs and makes quite an impression.

To start off, every single shot in this film is breathtaking and beautiful to look at. The lighting and compositions are just gorgeous and so understood by Mann, he makes it look easy. If you're a fan of 2004's Collateral, then Miami Vice is obviously the next step.

This isn't your parent's Miami Vice - you won't find any heavily synthesized music (although you will find songs from Linkin Park/Jay-Z and Audioslave) nor outrageously bright suits featuring colors such as hot electric pink and neon aqua. There's a few funny one liners that seem to point back in Don Johnson's direction, but other than that expect a gritty, sleazy adaptation that has more headshots than a game of Team Snipers on Halo 2.

My only problems with this movie came out of the actual experience of watching it - the audience I viewed it with was a little unattached - there was a lot of unnecessary laughter which irritated me. Since when did headshots and life or death situations become hilarious? It was just weird - people weren't willing to make the commitment to giving the film their complete attention.

I give Miami Vice 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn't as good as Collateral but is certainly a step up from some of the films we've seen out of this year. If you've enjoyed Mann's previous work, this one is a no-brainer.

Reviewed by: adam