Descent, The

From Neil Marshall, the guy who brought you possibly the best under-funded werewolf movie ever, comes...THE DESCENT. The story follows 6 adventure-seeking females into the bowels of an undiscovered cave in the Appalachians. In its claustrophobic, cliffhanging, leg-breaking glory, all hell breaks loose on our female heroes as they battle their way out of one creature-infested cavern into another, searching for any sign of daylight.

I am just going to come right out and say it...I loved this movie. Almost every aspect of the film appealed to what Shea expected from it. Having been involved in quite a few caving adventures myself, as well as even filming a pivotal scene in a cave, I felt I could relate to a lot of the fears these girls were facing. Sudden drop offs, long body-sized tunnels, and ambushing bats. As far as the creatures are concerned I thought the make-up SFX were amazing, as well as the concept and follow-through. Although the creatures themselves were frightening, it was the camera work and lighting that made them horrifying.

As far as I am concerned this has been the most enjoyable film for me personally this year. I can feel you eye rolls from here...I love the desperation and need for survival these girls faced. I loved the claustrophobia and darkness of the mood. I loved the gritty independent feel of the camera yet the amazing special effects of the creatures. All six of the girls had a little Vasquez, Sarah Conner, and Nikita in their veins as they drew blood in there evil predators.

If you like Marshal's first film, Dog Soldiers you will love Descent. He has the same type of character building and relationship as the previous as well as the same type of fear he creates in you.

Amazing work. I highly recommend it to those who share my love for this genre. TO everyone else...Keep those eyes rolling (wink).

Reviewed by: shea
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Michele said...
I was just thinking about this movie last night and am thinking it's about that time to watch it again... i guess i shouldn't watch this one in dad's house though huh? lol =P
Yeah... I gave it another shot, just for you, Shea. My opinion bettered just slightly, but not much. I've just put up my full opinion at the blog if you wanna check it out.