Elephant Man

The true story of a curious surgeon(Anthony Hopkins) who unknowingly (at first) rescues a heavily disfigured man who is mistreated while scraping a living as a side-show freak. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence and sensitivity.

This film sat on our coffee table for I would say pushing a month. Recommended by the famous actor, Forrest Curtis, I quickly netflixed it. For some strange reason we would pick the DVD up, discuss watching it, but never be able to put it in the player. Well last night I put my foot down. The reality is I just wanted to get the movie watched and over with so I could say I saw it and more importantly we could get another movie sent.

The film was directed by the man who brought you Eraserhead and Mollholland Drive so you can understand my hesitation at wanting to watch it at first. The first 5 minutes of the movie was the expected psychedelic Lynch story telling montage of elephants killing a women that quickly sucked me back into the horrible experience called Eraserhead.

But then it happened...we cut to early 1900's London England where we see a young Anthony Hopkins lead us into a completely different movie than I expected. For me personally this could possibly be my favorite Hopkins movie. I absolutely loved him in this role. In fact I loved the movie. It has been quite awhile sense I have seen a movie that stirred this much potential emotion inside me. I really thought I might squirt a tear in front of Adam and Rashelle. Well that is a lie. Lately it seems a lot of of movies have been getting to me.

The story is so tragic yet so heart warming. The relationship between Hopkins and "The Creature" was deep and meaningful on level that not many characters can achieve. 

As the story twists and turns through the chapters you become more and more attached to its slow methodical pace and heart wrenching circumstances. Towards the end of the film I kept thinking the credits were going to start at any moment but the story kept progressing and progressing and instead of leaving me with my heart ripped out on the table and feeling depressingly empty inside...I felt like my heart was ripped out yet satisfied inside. Hard to explain.

This film redeemed Lynch for me in many ways. Amazing acting, amazing cinematograhpy, amazing make-up and an amazing movie. But the most amazing thing is that it was a true story.

Reviewed by: shea