Scanner Darkly

"What does a scanner see? Into the head? Into the heart? Does it see into me? Clearly? Or darkly?" 

Richard Linklater combines all his favorite elements into this one film. Drugs, philosophy, insanity, and live action animation. Based off of Phillip K. Dick's (do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Minority Report, Paycheck, etc)novel of the same title the film follows "Frank" an undercover cop as he tries to untangle the mess in his society and his brain caused by the newest drug on the market, substance D.

Amazing acting all across the board. I have never been a big fan of Rob Downey Jr. but he was amazing in this movie. Woody and Ryder were as expected and Keanu as always was the man in my opinion. 

The animation was amazing at times and distracting at others. Over all it worked very well and kept me entertained through the long dialog sequences which is most of the movie. 

The relationship between Reeves, Harrelson, and Robert D. was hilarious. It was such a great contrast of actors and character. That was probably the best part about this movie besides the little twist at the end. 

The movie goes into a distinct category in my movie watching experiences. At times you love it, at times you are bored, at times you are confused. But as the last scene fades out you can't help but feel satisfied. To put it in a nutshell...worth 4 bucks at the lyric, doubt I will see it again, and yes...K Bo, you will love it.

Reviewed by: shea