I watched the film starting at about 1 am directly after watching "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" for the first time. Interesting night at the movies you might say.

After watching "Fast Times" Adam and I just started popping in trailers for movies that I or Amy hadn't seen. When Adam stuck in the THX trailer I was blown away! I had to watch the movie that instant.

Although the film is a little disjointed, confused, and lacking "just a bit more" it was none the less very impressive. The cinematography was amazing. Every shot was carefully composed and specific at creating the 1884ish society(does that even make sense).

Robert Duvall portrayed the fugitive THX-1138 with the solid sterile emotion that kept you connected to his character and unfortunately only his character. There was nothing wrong with the other actors other that I never felt connected to their story or roles. I just didn't care.

I was surprised at how many unique SCI-FI concepts there were. I loved the android police and their soothing pleads for cooperation and Duvall's high risk job at creating their thick metallic skin and bones. Amongst many more I always appreciate the concept of the creatures who live outside the city shell.

The film was surprisingly very unique and very pretty to look at. I wish I cared a little more for the two lovers torn apart but I didn't. I also found the detention center very boring and awkward. But once outside Lucas creates an amazing world of fast cars and a convincing infrastructure.

Having seen this movie before Star Wars I would have expected an entirely different movie than the episodes we have today. THX felt strictly independent and artistic while Star Wars is epic and main stream. I wont lie. George went up a notch or two in the book.
Reviewed by: shea