Black Dahlia, The

For the new Brian Depalma film( he is also known for Carrie, Untouchables, Mission impossible, and Scarface) I shall let my University of Alabama intellectual cousin take the reins.

"Hey Sheamus! Its your cousin Anna! I was just going to tell you that I went out of character and saw a movie before you reviewed it on your blog and it was terrible. This is a movie that you have said you wanted to see, and I hate to tell you that its no good. The Black Dahlia (or however you spell it) was one of the most psychotic weird movies I've ever seen. I had nightmares of scary clowns and crows all night. No good. Anyways- have a great week! Talk to ya later! Tootles!"

The film is based on the true events of a grisly Hollywood homicide that to this day has never been solved. The film tells the sotry of two rival cops/partners who used to be boxing competitors(one of the films cooler dynamics) and their tale of what really happened to the murdered Dahlia and why her killer was never found.

Although I did end up seeing the movie my cousin Anna is basically correct. The film was a bit of a let down. Although I love the genre, style, and Josh Hartnett(that's right...I said it) the film leaves you empty, bored, and longing for something different...maybe something like "LA Confidential"(check that out Anna). All that said the film was a bit of a let down. Some cool moments here and there but I found myself ancy in the seat and watching for the credits which came a bit too my opinion of course.

PS. My love for Hartnett began in Sin City. I loved his role, character, and persona in the film even though he was only present a total of 10 the most.

Reviewed by: shea
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Josh said...
This movie was a complete and utter mess. Every so often it would hold me in its grip, only to lose me a few minutes later. I read the book years ago, back in High School, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But this huddled mess of a movie just doesn't even begin to do the novel justice. Too bad about De Palma, the guy is a talented director when he's on. I still hold Scarface, Carlito's Way and The Untouchables in very high regard. Hell, even Phantom of the Paradise is a fun little flick. Too bad to see an artist of his caliber wind up putting out dreck like this.
Shea said...
Yeah man...I totally agree. The trailer was awesome and put my expectations over the fence. The movie couldnt follow through. The Untouchables is amazing but I feel scarface is overrated. Did you forget about Carrie? One of my faves.
I finally saw this movie about a month or so ago. I had heard bad things about it and I had heard amazing things about it... the problem was, I could remember what any of those things were. However, after viewing it, I realized there must have been more negative because this movie was pretty bad. I know I've been saying this way too much lately, but I could barely follow what was going on... and it was incredibly boring. The only redeeming factor was Scarlett Johansson, but eye candy can't always save a movie.
Josh said...
Totally forgot about Carrie. And I completely agree that Scarface is overrated. I enjoy it just because it's so over the top. Everything about it is complete and utter overkill. Pacino's performance is almost comical.