Well...not only have I given into myspace but I have given into the unyielding addiction of a popular television series, LOST. BUM BUM BUM.

Wednesday night Adam, Amy, and I started watching season one at around 11:00pm and finally retired at roughly 5:30 am. Poor Adam drove home, took a shower, and drove straight to work without a nights sleep. Returning home he took a 3 hour nap and immediately began watching the episodes again. Amy and I didn't continue until around 8:00 and didn't quite till 2:30 am.

Fortunately and unfortunately we still have two full discs left until we finish the first season and hopefully carry on to the second. We have till Wednesday in which season three begins...not enough hours in the day. As God as my witness I will finish both seasons on time to watch the third and finally fulfill the dream of being able to follow a TV series live and in return experience the joyous anxiety of not being able to wait until the next week.

Lost begins with our many main characters finding themselves discarded across an island beach with a self combusting flaming plane littering the shore. The rest of the episodes fill the time with back stories of our characters and questions to "where in the world are we?" and "will we ever get off?" It might sound pretty "Cast Awayish" until you add creatures eating people, mysterious whispering in the forests, boar hunting, hidden codes, 16 year old distress calls, super human humans, weird bunkers, mutiny, scoundrels, knives, French female psychos, possession, "others", caves, crazy flash backs, possible purgatory, polar bears, and too many questions to just walk away from.
Need I say more?

For those of you who're already into the show my favorite characters are Locke and probably Jack. I swing a little with Jack but I think in his core he is one of the most decent guys on the island and has an incredible gift of taking control of the situation and becoming the leader everyone needs. The people of the island depend upon him and he unwantingly leads them despite all the crap he has to go through. I swing away from him at times because of his coldness to Kate and his stubborn unyielding ways in certain obvious situations.
Locke is just the man. I don't care how shady he is or becomes. I won't ruin it for ya but his back story was so compelling and surprising to me that I instantly fell in love with his character and his tragic miracle. He is also as Adam would call him...The Obi Wan Kinobi of the Island. Besides, he hunts boars...and kills them.

Sawyer is probably my favorite character to watch on screen but I refuse to admit that he is one of my favorites because all the girls I know love him and it makes me jealous for some reason. He is a scoundrel. I want to be a scoundrel...and get away with it...and have girls like me...and be tough. I want to be Sawyer. No I want to be Jack, he has cool tattoos. I am addicted. Help....I AM LOST!
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Adam said...
It's only got better. It's funny to read this review of Season 1, when we first go so in over our heads about this show. If we were to review the show now, it would be totally different right? haha.

When this show goes off the air, we will all truly be LOST. Can't wait for the ultimate blu-ray boxsets tho, and of course the multiple books, encyclopedias etc.
Andy said...
I just finished season one and am only a few episodes into season 2. I've fallen under the spell of the island. I just hope I haven't started too late.