Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

This is the Prequel to the film that is the remake of the original. In this little review I am not going to even compare it to the original, but just to the remake that it prequels.

So...in comparing it to the remake this prequel was a touch better in my opinion.

The story, gore, and movie in general was not that much different in style, cinematography, or essence.

It was the characters that made this film better. In the remake the characters were a bunch of hippyish wanna bees on their way to a Skinnerd concert with the typical tough guy, geek, hero, hero chick, and the blond who was destined to get it from the beginning.

Now you have a young man who has already served time in Nam, his little brother who just got drafted, and their girlfriends who are riding with them to the oversees drop off. Also throw in a revenge seeking biker and the entire history of the derranged family and you already have a more interesting movie.

Don't recommend it to everyone but if you halfway liked the remake then I would say it is worth your time.

Reviewed by: shea