Proposition, The

A lawman apprehends a notorious outlaw and gives him 9 days to kill his older brother, or else they'll execute his younger brother.(imdb)

This is a dirty little independent Aussie western with a Eastwood feel and a Tombstone delivery. The story, acting, and camera work was amazing. This film clinched my love for Guy Pierce as an actor. His character might not have been as in your face as in Memento but his persona is just as gritty and real. He fit the bill of dirty renegade cowboy very well.

The characters of this film are what make it. That and the flies. There were flies buzzing and flying on the actors faces in every single frame of this movie. I have never seen so many flies in a movie in my life. Amazing fly choreography. 

I highly recommend this film. Another notch on the Western comeback.

Reviewed by: shea
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Paul said... think the Assassination of Jesse James was 'gritty' and 'authentic', it's got nothing on the Proposition.

This is a great example of a sleeper. I don't expect everyone to like its slow-paced, character-driven drama, but it's one of the most well done westerns I've ever seen.
Shea said...
Amazing movie I agree...not near as long or slow as James. Guy is amazing... this movie is indeed the definition of gritty.

Not the best western ever.... only a Sith gives an absolute.
Squib said...
I will agree that this is not the best western ever...(That would be reserved for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly). I really don't mind long slow westerns, and I have to say I liked TAOJJBTCRF better for various reasons. With that said, The Proposition was really good. It was dirty and gritty and what I saw what I would expect the life and times of a more primitive world to be. The flies were awesome and added to the dirty feel of the movie.
Oh yeah! How about that exploding Aboriginal head?!?!
Paul said...
Never said best western ever, I said it's one of the most well-done ones I've seen.
Adam said...
I actually just bought this today for 5 bucks, strangely enough. I never got around to seeing it when Shea netflixed so many moons ago, going to try and squeeze it in next week.

I haven't seen many westerns but I don't think I'd put "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" as the best one ever. I liked "Magnficent Seven" a whole lot, as well as "The Wild Bunch" - but as for GBU, i almost fell asleep during it.

squib said...
I will give you some supporting reasons for my GBU #1 ranking Adam.
1) The cinematography was pretty awesome: the long widely panned shots really highlighted the desolate nature of the landscape. I loved the close shots of the faces of the characters as well.
2) It wasn't just a western, it was a Civil War movie too, and I like movies that deal with particular periods in history.
3) The sound track was pretty damn awesome, especially theme for the graveyard near the end (I am pretty sure that Metalica did a cover of this theme), but the sound track as a whole is pretty solid
4) The movie develops 3 radically different characters who all depend on each other, and all oppose one another throughout leading up to......
5) The greatest shootout in all of moviedom. This shootout brings the entire story to a point as it highlights the hatred, distrust, and malice that has been building among the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly throughout the entire film. The buildup is so intense, and the end is so final.

I can't help it Adam. I am in love with this movie. Maybe love is blind.

By the way, second best shootout in the world of movies (it is a VERY close second to the triangle of death in GBU) is that in The Way of the Gun
Shea said...
My favorite western is probably Lonesome second favorite GBU. I agree with squib on all levels on this one. I thought Wild Bunch was pretty much on par with what Adam is saying about GBU. I was bored and almost fell asleep. It has its moments though as with all classics. I haven't seen Mag 7. I saw Seven Samurai though and I thought that was amazing.

Shea said... should do a review of GBU...we need one.

I think you will like Prop.
Adam said...
I'd agree with everything Ben said as well, as far as the cinematography goes and stuff. The soundtrack though, killed me. I was under the impression that the signature sound cue was used sparingly through the film, not every 4 seconds.

I think that's why it wore me down, it lasts 3 hrs and just used the same cue over and over again, made me think the movie lasted 7 hours.

The civil war stuff was strange tho, and of course the bad dubbing going on there with the Italian actor playing the sgt or whatever.