Casino Royale

James Bond's first mission, where he must stop a banker from winning a casino tournament and using the prize money to fund terrorist activities.

We take Bond back to the basics in this film. Casino Royale is what Batman Begins was to the Batman franchise. The prequel that resets the standards to what Ian Flemming intended for his OO agent.

I am going to break the contemporary rules of review(as if I ever followed them) and go ahead and say I loved this film. I have always watched the Bond films but never really been a huge fan. After seeing Layer Cake I got excited about Daniel Craig playing Bond. Then I found out the director of Goldeneye was at the helm of Royale and got really excited.

I loved Eve Green as the Bond girl and the villain was awesome. His sinister voice, scarred eye and the fact that he cries blood was awesome.

The action was amazing. I liked it so much because it was rough gritty and in your face as opposed to cue the Bond theme stylistic rubbish(some would argue that that is Bond though...Maybe).

I loved Craig. He maybe a blond and not as cute but by god I finally believe that Bond can do what the story wants you to believe he can do.

Although the script got tricky to follow at times I definitely loved it. I loved how Bond falls in love and how that effects him and his relationship with people for all the Bonds to come.

Royale's direction and camera work hand in hand with Craig's rough and serious Bond adaptation to create in my opinion the most believably exciting Bond to date.

I highly recommend. From my experience people who have never liked Bond before are finally getting into this fresh new version. That could possibly be the films biggest accomplishment. Bringing in a new type of people.

Reviewed by: shea