Deja Vu

 What does Tony Scott's latest film, Deja Vu, have to offer? Well my friends, I'm glad you asked because the answer is simple. Explosions. Deja Vu has a shitload of explosions.

That's not all it has, obviously - it's got Denzel Washington with an upgrade in badassity and Val Kilmer as a bloated FBI agent. The story is simple - Denzel plays Doug Carlin, an ATF agent who is called in to recover evidence in the investigation of a New Orleans ferry bombing.

After a brief meeting with FBI agent Pryzwarra (Kilmer - bloated) Carlin is introduced to a new type of technology that allows him to travel into the past. By apparently folding time and space like some cheap recycled napkin, Carlin may be able to avoid the disaster and save hundreds of innocent people.

This is where the fabric of reality (or at least a realistic plot) is punctured and the film slowly unweaves into an outlandish mess. When you have characters running around saying, "We can bend the very fabric of space," alarms are trigged and concerns are risen.

It's like Enemy of the State and Minority Report infused - but with a shitload of explosions. It's like Domino without a hot half-naked girl. It's like Man on Fire without Dakota Fanning. It's like Top Gun without Goose; okay, that's a bit of a stretch probably, but it's Tony Scott - you know what you're getting in to.

It's not a bad movie - the colors and imagery are sharp and vivid and Denzel wins the audience over as badass cool cat Doug Carlin. While the plot is, well, downright ridiculous - the film is entertaining. If you liked Scott's most recent films then no doubt will you enjoy Deja Vu.

The title lives up to its name, as I guessed the film's very predictable storyline within 5 minutes of it's opening credit sequence. 2 hours later I felt as if I had been there before, done it already. It's a good thrill ride of a movie, just don't think too hard about it.

Reviewed by: adam
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Jean said...
First off you just can't give less than 3 stars to a movie with Eva Mandes in it... Hell she is the whole reason "Rules of attraction" didn't go straight to dvd. But you've got to give credit to a director who makes a movie with 4 characters and keeps the story going. The end is very predictable but I find the movie to be one of the best "unheard off Dentzel Washington movies" in recent years.
Paul said...
Yeah, not a bad movie overall...always a fan of Tony Scott (well, not always). I am a man for details, and I just couldn't stand when Denzel finally goes back in time, has what 3 hours to save the day?, and he and his girl stop of at her house to hang out? mate?!
Shea said...
Jimmy C was awesome as the bad buy. The air boat scene was sick.