Apocalypto is possibly the most epic chase movie my little corneas have experienced. At its red center the story is about a fugitive man running back to his endangered family. This core is wrapped within a bitter shell of the Mayan empire...human sacrificing, conquistadors, panthers, quicksand, poison frogs, classic waterfall jumps, fields of headless corpses, pyramids, caves, and the perilous jungles of a time long forgotten by history 101...you know?...that Mayan Empire.

It impressed me to Gibson push for such amazing performances from the these non thespians. The leading actor, Rudy Youngblood(real name),had a face that could show a thousand emotions. From what I've read from Gibson, he says its all in how an actor breathes.

Although the film was subtitled this DEFINITELY was not a negative. The drive of this film is not in dialog but visuals. You forget you are reading after the first scene.

This film, as many would expect from Gibson, is very very violent. Jaw droppingly violent. In comparison I would say it's a perfect fit between The Passion and Braveheart. Apocalypto is definitely a very brutal film and not for the faint of heart.

How Mel pulled this film off I will be studying for the next 5 viewings. An amazingly simple movie that pushes you beyond your simple imagination and into an extinct world and back again. The testosterone is high, the gore abundant, and chases unprecedented. I highly recommend this movie. No matter what your tastes are, Mel Gibson is a very talented actor and especially director and their is no denying that.

Reviewed by: shea