Rocky Balboa

Stallone takes us back to a classic old school way of film making with a slow paced nostalgic drama filled with tiger eyes and tired heroes.

In the age of franchise resurrections this is another on the good side of evil. He revives rocky from the 5th and delivers encouragement and raw blunt force to another generation of movie watchers.
It might get a little boring in the one too many Adrienne pining scenes but it's quickly chalked over with gut checking emotion as you desperately try to relate to our calcium deposited hero.

The movie had an old veteran feel to it that went beyond the story and character and into the directing and camera work. For those of you who have seen it, my favorite scenes are when he buys the dog and when his son confronts him in the street. What this film has going for it is that director/writer Stallone poured all of himself into this final chapter of the franchise that made the stubby little fighter the man he was. You can't ask more from an artist.

My only complaint is that I wanted to feel a little more before the credits rolled. I wanted my heartstrings to be pulled extra hard at the very end. He set me up but didn't knock me down. Well...maybe one knee hit the mat.

Reviewed by: shea