Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse

In Lorraine, close to the border of Germany, the Chief Inspector Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) is investigating the death of a man behind of a wall of an isolated abbey. Meanwhile, the efficient detective Reda (Benoît Magimel) is investigating the attempt of murder of a man called Jesus. They come to the same point along their investigations, join forces with the detective Marie (Camille Natta), a specialist in religious matter, and fight against Heinrich von Garten (Chritopher Lee), a German Minister of Culture and Religion, a group of powerful monks.

Well ladies and gentleman...there is now nothing new under the sun. I thought the opening scene for Casino Royale was so new and fresh but I was wrong. Crimson Rivers 2 was there first with an even more amazing freestyle walker chase scene that blew my mind even more than that of Casino. This chase scene was even more ridiculous and shall I say...creepier because of the dark monk who is being pursued.

This sequel many will say is the better of the series but I will be that guy and say I enjoyed the first better in spite of the controversial raging avalanche.
Some of the cinematography, lighting, and especially colors were appealing and better than the first but I felt this plot wasn't as fresh and clean.

Although Magimel did an acceptable job there is no way he was a better replacement for Reno's partner than Cassell. I did love the witty banter tying in the first movie though.

Fun movie with some amazing scenes and some not so...I can't say this wasn't true for the first but I can say that I enjoyed it better than this one. I might have just had higher expectations for Luc Besson's writing talents. I heart Jean Reno.

Reviewed by: shea