Lone Wolf and Cub
This little film was brought to my attention after hearing that my friend and yours Darren Aronofsky was slated to direct a remake of this graphic novel/70s adaptation.

Lone Wolf and Cub centers on a disgraced samurai who's turned into an assassin for hire as he attempts to clear his family's name. An orphaned three-year-old boy is his only companion.

It was an amazing movie carried by its story, fight choreography, concepts, and characters.

Its only flaws in my opinion would have to be sound(specifically natural sound). There are instances where all sound just cuts out for long periods of time. But this annoying fact is soon forgotten when our hero and baby begin slashing and burning there way across the country side fighting bandits, traitors, and other Ronin assassins hired to kill Lone Wolf and Cub.

Can't wait to see the remake and read further into the classic. Maybe even read the graphic novel if I don't have to sell my left toe on Amazon.
Reviewed by: shea