Bridge to Terebithia
So there were a lot of new movies that came out this weekend. I especially know this because it was I who suction cupped them letter for letter to the marquee in front of the theater. SO... which movie did Shea go see? Not Ghost Rider, not Breach, but kids movie Terabithia.

So Adam comes in this weekend having seen Ghost Rider already that afternoon stalling my plans as host here in Charlotte.

We trudge into the theater surrounded by the average age of seven and uninterested parental units. I remember looking over at Adam at one point pre-movie totally confused and frustrated at my decision. As we sat there the excitement from the kids and energy of a movie about to start began taking over. The predominantly kid oriented movie trailers broke the ice as I found myself at first smiling and then laughing at some pretty pathetic movies previews that our little ones will soon be absorbing into their sensitive gray zones. I can't even began to describe the joy of seeing a retarded T-Rex named Tiny try to talk to his evil master. Hilarious.

Anyway...all that to say that I really enjoyed the movie based off evidently a best seller. My expectations were low but the result was high. I was truly moved by this story of friendship, imagination, life, and the willingness of unconformity.

A timeless story(not SFX) that I logged away for some years to come when I can have the chance to introduce my own Terabithians to the magic that is cinema. I mean we can't start'em out on zombies straight out of the womb. You know what I'm saying.
Reviewed by: shea