"so i post on your wall to review the movie breach for me, and what do you give me, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA?! come on now sheamus. i don't have money to spend on bridge to terabithia."

These are the words from an angry blogger. A blogger who just so happens to have my same bloodline. And since we all agree that blood is thicker than water I immediately dropped what I was doing, drove to the theater(on my day off), sat alone and reviewed this movie for you and you alone, Anna. I have never done this for any of my other cousins. Remember that.

Based on the true story, FBI upstart Eric O'Neill enters into a power game with his boss, Robert Hanssen, an agent who was ultimately convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union.

Although I do not boast this genre as a favorite I would be doing this film a disservice if I were to not admit that this was a very good movie. I was sucked into the story from the beginning. Chris Cooper has always been a fav ever since his amazing performance as July Johnson in Lonesome Dove. His performance here was nothing short of compelling, creepy, sorrowful, and just plain good acting. Any actor who can combine all these elements into our nations most notorious traitor and still make you feel sorry that he lives in solitary confinement 22 out of the 24 hours a day is an amazing my book of course.

My guilty pleasure is Ryan Phillipe. He had me at Way of the Gun, lost me at Flags of Our Fathers, and resurrected with this movie (what if I would have said cruel intentions;)

Laura Linney is still playing her robotic self from the Truman Show and Ryan's wife(unfortunately not our lady Reese) was absolutely horrible. Or maybe I just have something agaisnt the wife characters who just add that extra level of tension to the story because they can never seem to understand their husbands are saving the known free world.

The filming was simple and extremely effective. It never once drew any sort of attention to itself nor boasted any style. Just good old fashion point and shoot. The audio was also very noteworthy in creating the world and tension of the story.

I will admit that the patience put into the "style" of this film created a very creepy and untrustworthy effect on all characters of the movie. The subtle looks, glances, and pauses of the actors and camera played a significant role in my edge of the seat experience.

Good solid espionage that maybe our boy Bobby D should look into before making the sequel to The Good Shepherd.

I sat alone in the theater for you Anna and watched a film that I would not have normally seen. Luckily for you I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Although I want to rate it as only a CHECK IT I look down at Terebithia's MUST SEE and realize that I might need to follow Adam's advice on being sticter with my reviews. If you are of the genre then I rate this a...
Reviewed by: shea