Number 23, The
A man (Carrey) becomes obsessed with a book that appears to be based on his life but ends with a murder that has yet to happen in real life.
First off let me just say I love Jim Carrey. Okay...I said it.

The movie was interesting, dark, and very entertaining...till the end. The setup of characters, plot, and story was crisp and tight. The audience found themselves sucked into what they thought was going to end up in a very dark unexpected ending. That being said, the final delivery was this movies camel breaking straw.

The acting was great and exciting. Carrey still managed to make you laugh and fear all in the same breath. His portrayal as a truly dark character excited me. I love when comedians take on roles outside of their expected capacity.

A strength and flaw at times of "23" is its style. At times over the top and at others with perfect measure. When the director and DP hit those sweat spots it makes for good cinema. BUT...there are indeed Schumacher moments that remind me what this movie might have been if the director of Batman and Robin wasn't at the helm.
Although "23" will definitely be forgotten and the story not well received by many Jim managed to slip through unspoiled with another great performance hopefully leading to many more.
Reviewed by: shea