Science of Sleep, The

A timid young man can't control the fantastical plots and images of his dream world from introducing into his waking hours in Michael Gondry's science fiction romance.

After a promising new job sours, Stephane finds new inspiration in his neighbor Stephanie. To connect with her, shy Stephane releases the bolder personality of his dreams, but his waking insecurities threaten to destroy the relationship.

This quirky creative love story is very comparable to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which is also done by Gondry. Gondry is possibly one of the most creative love story writers of our time. Spoken in three languages sometimes all at once the characters of Science are relateable, real, yet deeply fantastic.
Stephane's role had me laughing and smiling the two hours through. His behavior and under the breathe comments made him 3D.

I fell in love with Charlotte Gainsbourg(Stephanie) harder than I have fallen for any actress in a while. Her simple beauty and beautiful out look on life was inspiring and compassionate.

The set designs and creativity of the dream world were astounding and mind boggling. It was simple and so creative that you immediately get sucked into the world deeper than you could have ever gone with trippy CG.

I really like this movies but I definitely didn't love it for its confuseing moments of trying to find out what is real and what is a dream. That might have been the point but sometimes the line between reality and dreams is blurred. Wow. I bet that was the point. Brilliant. It still frustrated me though.

Reviewed by: shea
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for the most part whacky, but I liked certain elements. Mainly the gameshow with the curtain eyelids :)