Hills Have Eyes 2
A group of National Guard trainees find themselves battling against a vicious group of mutants on their last day of training in the desert.

There you go, that is all that was needed said to see me crawling to the theater. For this feature I was in an empty shady ghetto theater downtown Charlotte. I actually paid for this one folks. The theater I work at didn't pick this flick up(which should have been a warning sign).

I thought I was going to the only in the audience until a mohawked punker chap came strolling in. Out of the entire 250 seat theater he sat directly behind me. At first it bothered me but later I was grateful.
As the trailers came on a cop came in and sat down near the exit sign. My only guess was that he was there to case the place for potential criminals. Me and Mohawk being suspect.

To just go ahead and get cannibal on this movie, lets get to the meat of it. The movie was better than I thought it was going to be but bad all the same. I mean that isn't saying much. The soldiers didn't feel like soldiers at all. In fact they didn't even feel like actors either. The flack jacketed chics looked as if they were shipped in from Saved By The Bell and handed some stinky old rifles.

The action and violence is what you expected. Limbs cut, heads gone, bodies in half and falling from cliffs with uncut bottom hits. EXTREME!

This is the point where I was grateful for Mohawk. We laughed together, cringed together, and threw up our hands at the stupidity together. Not a word was spoken between us but I feel I left with a new friend(cue some sort of music).

The movie wasn't as harsh as the first but wasn't as real either. The mutants didn't have a character or originality to themselves. The gore was gross but to far fetched to hit more than initial shock. The soldiers fake and unbelievable as mentioned. Did I tell you guys yet about the the guy they pulled from out of a porta-John. Uh...yeah, and he was still alive. It might have even been Wes Craven. Too lazy to look it up.

The script and dialog were horrible as well as the ending STUPID and unsatisfying!!
So... why did I not give it the worst rating on my little scale? Well...I guess it wasn't all that bad.
Reviewed by: shea