Burnt Offerings
For a summer rental a family follows up on an add on a house deep in the country. The owners seem weird and quirky but the father(Proximo from Gladiator) can't pass up the cheep rent or turn his ear from his wife's begging. The only catch is that while renting the house they must take care of the landlords old grandmother who lives in the attic and refuses to come down. Every meal the mother must leave a tray of food in old hags day room which is filled with old photographs that she calls her "collection".

This movie came highly recommended from one of my manager's at work. I checked out a trailer to this 70's horror flick and was not impressed at all. I pushed play one late night when I wanted relax before going to bed. I became consumed by the excellent acting, awesome music, and foggy cinematography.

The movie that follows feels like something Steve King would write and Hitchcock would direct. Although the movie was good it was far from flawless. For those of you who might have seen it I wasn;t at all sold on the father's back story or the creepy limo driver. I also kinda thought the death of the son was pretty lame.

But everything else plays out nicely leading you to a pretty amazing and well played climax. I will be honest here, I was told what the twist was before seeing it and it still creeped me out. The way the final scenes are shot and acted are so convincing.
If you have a taste for the unheralded horror classics I highly recommend. The story kinda reminds me of "Skeleton Key" although I hate to associate it with a possible bad taste. But the real question needing an answer is why oh why was it called "Burnt Offerings"...I think I will never know.
Reviewed by: shea