Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin, Kevin Bacon, and Oliver Platt play a group of extremely smart and curious med students who decide to experiment with the after life. All coming from different backgrounds and beliefs with Kiefer their leader they individually kill themselves for an increasing amount of time while the others brings them back to life recording their findings from God's territory.

Things are looking good for the adventurous scientists until things begin going awry and the land of the real and spiritual begin to bleed over.
This movie had an amazing concept. I mean truly amazing. But yet again another great idea put into the hands of Joel Schumacher(Batman and Robin, Number 23, Phantom of the Opera). Joel telegraphed every potential creepy moment with horrible colored lights and poor setup. The only parts that had me on edge was when the characters were dying and getting paddled back to life. Fortunately there were enough of these to keep me focused. 

I also hated the filmmakers view of the afterlife. I guess I was wanting more of a Jacob's Ladder approach.

All this to say the fault was in the directing and cinematography. Also the script set up an amazing idea but got distracted from what we truly cared about half way through. 

The acting was good. Kevin Bacon and Oliver Platt being the most enjoyable characters. William Baldwin(Backdraft), Kiefer, and Julia were all fine and dandy but there characters imposed frustration while watching. I had forgotten how good Julia was when she was younger, before she became the most expensive actress in the world then slipping over the edge.

To beat a dead horse, the movie had an amazing amazing concept but fails to resurrect anything else but a classic wannabe for some of our dimming stars.

Reviewed by: shea