Virgin Suicides, The
Written by Sophia Coppola(Lost in Translation,Marie Antoinette),a group of male friends become obsessed with a group of mysterious sisters who are sheltered by their strict, religious parents after one of them commits suicide.

This was a very interesting film to say the least. I definitely liked it way better than anything else I've seen by little Coppola.

Kirsten Dunst and James Woods were absolutely amazing. Dunst I hadn't always been a big fan of. It's not that I didn't like her acting, she just never stuck out to me as anything extraordinary. In this film she was indeed the beautiful, rebellious, yet sympathetic character you longed to relate to completely redeeming herself. It was very clear who Sophia wanted you to pay attention to amongst the daughters.

James Woods was the leaderless head of the family hiding behind an almost Kathy Bates type mother. His best scenes came in with Josh Hartnett. Woods character was probably in my opinion the tragic hero of the story. You sympathized with him as much as you did the girls.

Other actors appearing were as I mentioned Josh Hartnett, Hayden Christensen, Kathleen Turner(Romancing the Stone), Scott Glenn(Silence of the Lambs, Silverado, Danny Devito, and Jonathan Tucker(Texas Chainsaw).

The camera work and direction were really good...especially Sophia's composition. The thing that surprised me the most was how creepy the movie was at times thanks to the lighting and camera work that proceeds unexpected events. I loved the documentary technique and news reel use in this movie. To me this was the most interesting story telling approach Sophia has used so far in her career. From first to last Sophia.

This was a potentially great movie that is weighed down with unconvincing transitions and the inability to relate with anyone but Dunst and Woods who were obviously the director's prettiest flowers.
Reviewed by: shea