28 Weeks Later
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"28 Weeks Later" infects box offices

In 2002, Danny Boyle ("Trainspotting") exposed audiences to "28 Days Later," a post-apocalyptic tale about the incurable "rage virus" that wipes out mankind. Those infected turn into blood-lusting zombies who, in turn, bite and devour others and thus spread the disease.

This time, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ("Psicotaxi") takes the reins with Boyle riding shotgun in the executive producer's chair.

"28 Weeks Later" picks up six months after the rage virus decimated the population of the United Kingdom. The U.S. Army has stepped in (zombies = terrorists) and began securing a district of London for survivors to repopulate and start their lives again.

As you can imagine, not everything goes as planned. During the film's opening scenes (which take us back to the original outbreak of the virus) we're introduced to Don, (Robert Carlyle) who is barricaded inside a cottage with his wife and a few other survivors.

The infected finally smash their way in and Don makes a break for it, abandoning his wife, believing there was no hope in saving her. It's now 28 weeks later, and all the victims of the virus are now dead from starvation. Don (now in London) is reunited with his two children, who are back in the UK after being evacuated to Spain.

Tammy (Imogen Poots) and Andy (Mackintosh Muggleton) sneak out of their district's secure area in order to visit their old home and retrieve some belongings. Whilst there, they meet their mother Alice (Catherine McCormack), who has developed a natural immunity to the virus, surviving multiple bites from the infected.

Alice has the virus, and can spread it through her blood or saliva, yet she doesn't display the typical symptoms of having it. This, of course, leads to a reunion with husband Don and the two share a warm and tender kiss... that result in the classic, "my father is a zombie!" scenario.

From here on in, "28 Weeks Later" is nothing but pure suspense and adrenaline. With a new outbreak of zombies causing mayhem, the military have orders to exterminate everyone in the area, including our non-infected main characters.

Together with Doyle (a sniper who has abandoned his post) and Scarlet (who realizes that Andy may also have the immune gene), Andy and Tammy attempt to escape both the Army and the infected in order to rendezvous with Doyle's pal Flynn ("Lost"'s Harold Perrineau), a helicopter pilot.

This is one of those rare sequels that not only stands toe-to-toe with its predecessor, but also outdoes it on every level. Fresnadillo's film is a stylish, well-tuned horror flick with plenty of jumps and scares to keep you in check, as well as outstanding flesh-gnawing gore that will leave you squirming in your seat.

After being so thoroughly disappointed by "Spider-Man 3," I found my hopes and anticipations of a cinematic 2007 summer reinstated with "28 Weeks Later." There's no reason you should miss this in theaters.
Reviewed by: adam
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Andy said...
I loved this one too.
Andy said...
::This is one of those rare sequels that not only stands toe-to-toe with its predecessor, but also outdoes it on every level.:: WHAT? That is CRAZY talk. I liked Weeks later but Days is groundbreaking and destined to be a classic. Oh I just saw this was written by Adam not Shea...but I'm still outraged! Next time you are in Charlotte we will have words....
Shea said...
Yeah I agree it's crazy talk. But not too crazy. I think Days is better then Weeks. Days is more drama driven and will thick rich characters and more of a transitional story.

Weeks is more of an action flic with one story arc while as previously said Days takes us on a journey through a post apocalyptic city, country side, and then surprisingly into a ravenous bunch of bunkered down military folk. Besides...its freaking Danny Boyle.
Shea said...
But hey...dont get me wrong. Weeks is great...just not as good as Days. CILLIAN MURPHY PEOPLE!!!!

Although the sniper was cool.
Adam said...
Let me paint the scenario for you:

It was mid-summer and we had all been thoroughly disappointed by films like Spider-Man 3 and Pirates 3... this made 28 Weeks Later seem even better to me, thus the exaggerated review.

Secondly, I do really like it - and of course it's nothing without Boyle's film, but I think as far as polish goes - it is much better. There was more money and production value behind it, and it helped it shine on screen.

Not to mention, the sniper guy was awesome...

And it was cool to see Michael from LOST doing something besides screaming WALT! THEY TOOK MY BOY! HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SON!?
Shea said...
I agree with you Adam...and I loled about Michael...ha...everything in life can correlate back to LOST.
Andy said...
I didn't know I should factor in what movies you saw right before you did the review. I'll need your viewing schedule to be able to decipher your future ratings. Maybe Shea is watching Spiderman 3 before everything these days. That would explain his liberal dispersion of 5 stars. ***** He wrote a book with his left eye. I love it...bugaboo!! *****

Shea said...
Wow...Andy wow.
Adam said...
I'll just revisit this one... I don't really know what was so groundbreaking about 28 Days Later. I mean, it's a great film but really all it did was take slow zombies and make them fast, haha.

The camera work and everything was amazing though and I like Boyle's style, but lets face it - the apocalyptic shots of London aren't really anything new. We've seen those kinds of settings time after time again - I'll even reference "Omega Man" with Charlton Heston, they were doing the same thing with Los Angeles in the '70s.

I thought it was pretty commendable too, to have a sequel done by someone else that still followed the previous film's storyline and applied some logic while also delivering on the expectation of more action.

In retrospect, probably a 3.5 rather than a 4. That helicopter scene is totally derivative. Not only is it in the original "Dawn of the Dead" but Grindhouse did it better anyway.

When it comes down to it, every modern horror flick goes back to "Night of the Living Dead," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" or "The Exorcist." I think as a new twist on an old story, "28 Days Later" is great - but I think "Weeks" accepted what it was and didn't take itself too seriously.

"28 Weeks Later" has one of the BEST posters ever, though... we can all agree on that
Adam said...
I love the wink as well, too bad it was cut.

Shea said...
Did you just reference the Omega Man? Ha...

Yes! 28 Days is groundbreaking. Although the theme has been recycled Boyle had a very unique take on the apocalypse. And dude...inroducing fast zombies was HUGE!!! I mean it paved the way for the Dawn remake which we all enjoyed.

And your right... the shots are amazing! So your complaint is that we have seen a baren city before?...in the Omega Man?... which maybe ten people in our generation saw by accident and turned it off 5 minutes later?

This movie also made Cillian!!!

The soldier climax at the end was ridiculous. No one ever really thought about this perspective. Soldiers held up in a mansion waiting for everything to die off. Whether it be the population or the undead that really aren't undead. WE NEED WOMEN! FOR THE FUTURE!

So you better check yourself(serpentine).

28 Weeks was refreshingly different than its original but with a few careless flaws that make it less than great. I didn't buy the whole father hunter seeker stuff. I wanted these zombs to be mindless raging savages.

Great opening scenes though. Oh...the sniper stuff was awesome too and I loved the urgency in this film that is definitely not in Days.

Both good films but Days is far superior and maybe too subtle for most but we are still feeling the ripples of Days in the film world.

Did I mention this film was "one" of the first shot all digital on a camera cheaper than and XL2(they had an adapter though)

Paul said...
Shea I don't like that you build this movie up on the fact that it brought Cillian to the screen for you, and it was shot in digital. Should we say that about the Star Wars prequels?

I liked this movie, but I'm with Adam here. I DID like Amish and his daughter hold up in their apt building. I HATED the army guys...please you need women!? Who are you trying to impress here? Am I a 20 year old frat pledge? Just seemed so random, a stupid twist, and honestly for me ruined the build up to that point. Instead of a great triumphant or destructive climax, we have this crap?! Now were not running from zombies, but from retarded soldiers?

28 Weeks I loved. Opening sequence is one of the most tense and heart-wrenching I've seen in this genre. The sacrifices of some of the key characters was great, and Harold Perrineau actually had a pretty cool role here with his relationship to your boy the sniper.

28 Days was great, don't get me wrong, but this one added some new and fresh elements that made it, in my opinion, the superior of the two.
Shea said...
I hear what you are saying about the soldiers Paul. First viewing I shared a similar opinion(actually I think my first viewing was with you). But the more I watch it the more I love the Army guy angle. It makes sense to me and is totally believable.

But the more I watch this film the more I love it.(DAYS that is).

Who in America knew Cillian before DAYS? As soon as he was the Scarecrow everyone was like "oh look they guy from 28 Days...we saw his package in that movie!" It certaintly wasn't Red Eye.

Digital... I stand corrected. I guess what I was trying to communicate was the camera that was used was CHEAP CHEAP DV... not trillion dollar cameras like Lucas.

I agree with everything you have said about WEEKS Paul but as mentioned before there are some key elements that bother me. One being the "hero zombie" concept. Two being the classic..."Oh we can't be infected we have the cure in our blood!"

But dont get me wrong...Weeks is great. Just saying...
Paul said...
I hear ya about the genetic cure, that is a little lame. I guess neither one is perfect, but overall I liked the progression of Weeks better I think. I just didn't care about Days anymore when the army became involved. Weeks just got more and more gut-wrenching as each of our loved characters were picked off. Sure a sappy ending, but whatever.
Shea said...
Two scenes I LOVE in WEEKS.

1) is when the soldier is standing on the fence looking up as the jets fly over.

2) cut from the movie but still in the trailer. The sniper is pushing the car so it will start. Right before he dies he winks at the kid. LOVE IT!!! Dont know why it got cut.

Both scenes are in the trailer.
Nick said...
I agree... I totally miss the wink in the movie. It shoulda been in the movie instead of cut.

Also, Weeks has one of my favorite movie openings EVER (as I've detailed on my own blog).

Btw, for the one hundred millionth thousandth batrillionth time.... they are not zombies.