LOST: Season 3
Tonight Season 3 of LOST came to a close. Its been quite a ride since I started this show. LOST has been by far my favorite show of all time. It's suspenseful, scary, sci-fish, one long continuous story, monsters, ghosts, jungles, and the deepest characters ever seen on TV, by my eyes anyway.

I grew up never really having cable. My family always kinda lived out in the boonies. My mom would ask our friends in town to tape reruns of Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy and we would watch tapes and tapes of those. This is where my love for movies grew too I imagine. I tore up some video shelves coming up.

One of my entertainment dreams was too become hooked on a TV series...where I would want to follow it each week not being able to stand the time between. I honestly would've never guessed it was LOST...but on one divine evening I was at a random house while it was randomly on and I became intentionally hooked. From there Adam and I watched the show religiously with our hardcore friends. Two seasons in two weeks, the third every Wednesday.*(I also have the secret dream to be hooked to a book series in the same way...kinda like people are with Harry Pott.)

It's an amazing show and this past season in hindsight has been awesome. I highly recommend the show. Its nowhere near too late to stop...BUT...only three seasons left, and I hear they are short ones.
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For some strange reason, my husband and I have a hard time finding other people who watch this show. We really enjoy it. I have actually considered making up a chart of the characters and plugging relevant facts into it to keep everything straight, but who has that kind of time?

Thanks for the review. Glad to know we are not the only ones...
Shea said...
Wow...then you will love my friends then. One buys LOST t-shirts and creates theories to post on forums. I think he even sleeps with a Hurley doll.

I think every Thursday night there are LOST parties where everyone gets together, has dinner, talks about what they think is going to happen, and then watch the show together. Great times.
Haha, okay so I own two LOST t-shirts... one with Desmond's face on it - sue me.

Yes, in fact I'll be enjoying LOST tonight over at Paul's with Michelle and perhaps James, etc? It will be grand... I mean, it's a Desmond episode after all...


where do you guys post and/or keep up with the plot? My husband was not real excited about tonight's show, but maybe next week he'll be more enthusiastic.
Adam said...
NOT EXCITED!?!?! It was my favorite episode ever!

We should make some sort of forum/blog...
Yes, he was not into the love story part. Of course, I was teary-eyed at the end. He just wants to know who the "6 survivors" are already and get on with it. We would certainly participate in a forum.