Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End
ARRRRRR!!!! The quest to save Jack Sparrow from the a pirate hell...he will in return assist in saving the pirates from extinction against the evil civilized whig wearing bureaucrats(I honestly don't even know what that means). Sprinkle some salt and pepper Orlando and Knightly, add a little Rush, a drop of squid face, and to finish it off... some sweet and sour Chow Young PHAT!
To keep it short and simple I liked some things but was done with most. I loved the dead CRACKIN beast, Davy Jones is always fun to watch, some of the things leading to the worlds end were cool, the death of Beckett, the married kiss of Orlando and Knightly, and the rawness of some of the sword play.

Things I hated...Jacks purgatory, Jack's multiple personalities, the Disney touches of humor, the parachute sails, after the credits, but overall I felt the movie had a different feel, a different drive of forced fables and magical rhymes made dry and pointless(if that makes any since).

There were a lot of awesome build ups that never met my imaginary par. The opening was intense, and the sword fights definitely more brutal but at the same time the jokes cold and the humor dull.

I felt there was a lot of amazing material here that got boxed in and watered down by too much of the salty sea they are trying to tame. We forgot why we loved the pirates and found out that special effects and over the top sea battle wasn't the core of the why.
If you've seen the others then by all means jump aboard. If not...well check it out...I guess.

OH...PS...does anyone else see a lot of parallels between the structure of the pirates trilogy and that of the original Star Wars? I do.
Reviewed by: shea