I'm not going to go too deep on this one especially since I'm sure most of you've already seen it. I'm just going to spit you my reaction.

I loved it. It was way way better than I expected. Ray Liotta was amazing as Johnny's father. I got goose bumps and the deep emotion every time he granted his son grace and mercy(his wife for that matter). He was a father that truly loved his son. I also of course loved Franka Potente, my Hollywood sweetheart from Run Lola Run and the Bourne movies.

As for Johnny I like him best when he plays a normal Johnny and not some off the wall crazy character. Don't get me wrong, he does it and does it well. But I love being reminded that you can relate to him too.

I hated Penelope Cruz...she drove me crazy. Not because she was a bad actor...I just couldn't handle her.

The direction and camera work was astounding. Absolutely loved the mixtures of reality and cinematics. I loved the score and I loved the outfits. The world was epic, the world was rich, yet the world was real. The characters supermen, the situations unbelievable, but the stories true.

A brilliant film heads and heals over your in the gutter drug movie. It's up in the ranks with the best. Did...I...just see Pee Wee Herman?
Reviewed by: shea