Todd McFarlane's Spawn part 1
A government trained assassin in life, A vengeful hellspawn in death. Brought back from the dead to join Hell's army and release his carnage on anyone that may get in his way. Heaven and Hell battle for his already torn soul, while he wanders the alleys protecting the innocent and destroying the corrupt who disrupt the lives of the innocent. In the meantime he faces the tragedy of his death and the fact that he has been sent to Hell and he must also face the reality of losing his wife to an old friend.

This was another no holds barred HBO classic mini series. The story of Todd McFarlane is almost as amazing as the creation of Spawn itself(check out his sweet bio on disc 1). Yet another inspirational tale of never giving up, doing what you love, and keep on dreaming no matter the cost.

Spawn is one of the comic world's most interesting characters. The layers of Spawn are very dark and full of that kind of evil that tends to stick to the ribs. But the best parts are the tiny bits of good that although only make a peephole of light, they inspire the life that only the good kinda good can bring. Its only against total darkness that a candle can shine its brightest.

The creature you are rooting for is torn between the decisions he made in his past life and the ones he will have to make in the new.
Spawn is voiced by Keith David(Requiem for a Dream, Pitch Black, Platoon, etc) who carries the voice as well as any 90's TV cartoon can. In the daytime scenes the animation wasn't convincing or interesting in the least...But at night, when the lights go out the artists and filmmakers felt at home. They created a deep, dirty, realistic world with amazing style and richness that brings out the highlights of every shadow.

The creatures and characters are interesting and original. Brilliantly written and richly textured this is a great series for anyone with the grits, the guts, and the gumption to watch a cartoon about the good that can lie within every evil.

My only big complaint is that I didn't know it was going to be a three part DVD series. So when the credits started rolling 2 and half hours through and only what felt 1/3 through the story I almost tossed TV into the street. Expect another two reviews for the other two parts.
Reviewed by: shea