Renowned horror novelist Mike Enslin (Cusack) only believes what he can see with his own two eyes. After a string of bestsellers discrediting paranormal events in the most infamous haunted houses and graveyards around the world, he scoffs at the concept of an afterlife. Enslin's phantom-free run of long and lonely nights is about to change forever when he checks into suite 1408 of the notorious Dolphin Hotel for his latest project, "Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms."

Defying the warnings of the hotel manager (Sam Jackson), the author is the first person in years to stay in the reputedly haunted room. Another bestseller may be imminent, but like all Stephen King heroes, Enslin must go from skeptic to true believer -- and ultimately survive the night.

Despite the fact the director fumbled through scenes like a heavy drinking yard angel the build up for 1408 was well above par. As suggested it wasn't by the swoop of the directors hand but by the life of the story and actors that the first half of the movie had me on the edge.

I look over at my friend as Cusack encounters his first couple minutes in the room and say, "Dude, I am really tweaked right now". He nods his approval.

I still remember the exact moment when the movie became unrelatable and completely off the wall. For those of you who have seen it or are going to see it, it's the scene where Cusack stands at the edge of the room and watches these ghosts continually jump out the window. What follows is a four walled nightmare of epic proportions that does nothing more than show you what you are bored with seeing and wishing you were only reading. The story was solid in book form where your mind has room to adapt and relate from your own perspective. The visuals and vision from the director of Derailed(we will not even speak his name) is nothing short of crumbling your expectations.

One aspect I enjoyed throughout was Cusack and the relationship with his tape recorder. The dialog shared here was rich, thick, and interesting. I wander how close to the book it is?

With some twists that work and others that try too hard 1408 builds beautifully to nothing but a thin walled film with nothing more than the essence of King and the ghost of exciting actors.
Reviewed by: shea
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