Marathon Man
A graduate student and obsessive runner in New York is drawn into a mysterious plot involving his globe trotting brother, his European girlfriend and a Nazi war criminal in hiding.

The first half of the movie I was frustrated and unconvinced I was going to enjoy Marathon Man. It crossed my mind twice to go ahead and turn it off, go to bed early.
I am glad I persevered because the second half kicks it into high gear with thriller style action, great chase scenes, and brutal violence.

Dustin Hoffman and Roy Scheider carry you through the movie with amazing performances. The story is confusing and unstable in the beginning but as previously stated finally makes sense and satisfies by the end.

The violence mentioned includes one of the most agonizing torture scenes I've seen in awhile. "Is it safe?" You'll never see your dentist the same way again...especially if you can relate to the pain.

I also love the "you take as many diamonds as you can swallow scene". Classic.

The movie on a whole was great. I loved the acting and the story. In hindsight I even liked that I was frustrated at the beginning because when it started making sense the movie was that much more enjoyable.

Marathon has its moments of "eh" but I recommend to anyone who is willing to dig into the closet or dusty section of the video store and find a gem.
Reviewed by: shea