Seraphim Falls
In the 1860s, five men lead by Liam Neeson have been tracking Peirce Brosnan across Nevada for more than two weeks. They shoot and wound him but Brosnan is more of a survivor than even I expected. His resourcefulness and skill with a knife leads me to say this is my favorite Brosnan movie...EVER(not saying there is a lot to choose from).

The flight and fight mentality of the movie takes you from winter wastelands to cracked scaly deserts. The hunt requires more horses, water, and bullets than you can shake a stick at.

The story takes them through booby traps, among wagon trains, through an Asian rail crew, over waterfalls, and bribing an Indian philosopher for their lives.

The movie was ten times better than I expected. Ten times! As soon as I saw Michael Wincott(Alien 4, Along Came a Spider, The Crow, Robin Hood, Dead Man)ride into frame and heard his gear grinding voice I knew I was in for a good movie.
Although you can't go wrong with Liam Neeson, Brosnan was the man of this film. He was amazing! I can't say it enough. His character made the movie.

Angelica Houston was another interesting role. She appears at the end of the movie in the middle of the desert, horse drawn buggy style. She carries an otherworldly between the winds kinda stuff. Is she real or is she spiritual? Interesting spin on an otherwise down to earth western.

If I was to describe what I loved about this movie it would be these words.
-a big knife
-from out of the belly of a horse
-Michael Wincott
-a trapped bear
-the random encounters of the journey
-digging bullets

FALLS is a great little western that fights and scraps to bring back an almost lost and tired American genre. It comes close. It comes damn close.
Reviewed by: shea