I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

Chuck Levine and Larry Valentine are the pride of their fire station: two guy's guys always side-by-side and willing to do anything for each other. Grateful Chuck owes Larry for saving his life in a fire, and Larry calls in that favor big time when civic red tape prevents him from naming his own two kids as his life insurance beneficiaries. But when an overzealous, spot-checking bureaucrat becomes suspicious, the new couple's arrangement becomes a citywide issue and goes from confidential to front-page news. Forced to improvise as love-struck newlyweds, Chuck and Larry must now fumble through a hilarious charade of domestic bliss under one roof. After surviving their mandatory honeymoon and dodging the threat of exposure, the well-intentioned con men discover that sticking together in your time of need is what truly makes a family.(yahoo)

First of all this is coming from the guy who avoids and typically doesn't like many comedies. After working so long in a theater that gives out press passes I've been able to see trends in my cities critics and can tell you what they do and don't like. Most Charlotte critics love family movies and shy away from the violence of Tarantino or bad guy roles of Jim Carrey.

Not to be too hard on the industry's opinionators because I myself am one. But my least favorite movie flavor is comedy. So therefore when reading this little gem keep in mind this ain't my cup o tea.

Now honestly...what other junior varsity movie critic would set you up like that? A reviewer who remembers everyone is different and thinks of your likes, dislikes and trying not to detour you from possibly enjoying. Well I guess JV was the operative word here.

HA...I remember in college old roommate and fellow blogger, Adam Counting Down Frazier, worked for a university online magazine. He asked me to do a review of a movie which of course I was so happy and honored to do. I wrote it just like I always do. Pretty informal and down to earth with no clear form or structure. Adam emails me back with a movie review template and essay on proper technique. From that moment on I knew I was going to leave the real reveiws to the big boys. This isn't a knock on Adam by any means...the cat makes a living writing reviews for crying out loud. This is simply an aversion to writing about Chuck and Larry.

I would be lying if I say I didn't laugh. I did laugh. It has it's moments. But green screen fire trucks, a shower singing Ving Rhames, a predictable story, a forced script and poor production value doesn't add up to a good movie. Good laughs maybe, but not a good movie.

While sitting in the theater I thought of a comedic war. Two sides. On one was the Happy Madison boys(Aykroyd, Snyder, Spade, and now James) lead by General Sandler and on the other Vince, Owen, Steve, who are lead by General Stiller. I know which side would win.
In saying this, if picking a comedy for this year stick with Knocked Up which knocks out Chucky in Larry in one effortless upper cut.
Reviewed by: shea