Simpson's Movie, The

 Okely-Dokely Gang! Lets See The Simpsons!
FOX Television's first family gets the silver screen treatment

Lake Springfield is becoming horribly polluted, serving as an easy-access dump for some of the town's morally corrupt dwellers. In an effort to spread environmental awareness, alternative rockers Green Day put on a concert.

When the audience realizes the band's true reasons for being there, they throw garbage at them (and in turn, polluting the lake more) and cause their barge to dissolve and sink, killing them.

The next day in church, Grampa Simpson, possessed by God, warns the fair city of Springfield of a future disaster, which will spell certain doom for all its residents.

As you may imagine, our favorite animated family is about to get sucked into the disaster. Lisa plays her part, going door-to-door to talk about pollution while Marge goes over Grampa's prophecy looking for signs pointing to the oncoming catastrophe.

Homer, unfortunately (for the lake), also plays a part. The dim-witted but good-hearted father brings home a new member of the Simpson family; an adorable (?) pig Homer lovingly calls "Spider-Pig."

You see, Homer's been collecting Spider-Pig's (or Harry Plopper as he's also called) waste in a homemade silo of sorts, and mistakenly pollutes the river with toxic waste from his "Pig Crap" silo, forcing the Environmental Protection Agency to get involved.

The EPA declares Springfield a disaster area and incases the town in a gigantic glass dome. Now Homer must find a way to fix what he's screwed up in order to save his family and town from President Schwarzenegger, who has given orders for the town to be destroyed.

Hey, I love the Simpsons - who doesn't? Is there anyone out there that doesn't know the iconic animated mugs of Springfields's finest family? This movie has been a life-long dream for diehard Simpsons fans, and finally it has been realized.

This is the ultimate Simpsons experience, a cinematic adventure that lives up to the edginess and hilarity of the television show. It's scale and scope was massive, but at its heart the story is simple enough to feel like the Fox show we've known and loved for so long.

The animation is crisp and full of life, while the jokes are just as witty and sarcastic as ever. The story is fun and constantly moving. Every piece of insane circumstance fits into a linear chain of cause and effect that follow the events predicted by Grampa's "spiritual" experience.

There are several cameos (and rightfully so, it wouldn't be the Simpsons without celebrities). As mentioned earlier Green Day does a punk rock tribute to the cartoon's opening theme and even Tom Hanks stops by to deliver some important messages. Overall the voice acting is just as brilliant as ever and kudos to the writers for incorporating all of our favorite characters in one way or another.

If you're a fan of the cartoon then why are you even reading this review? Go out and see the Simpsons Movie immediately! Even for newcomers to the series (are there such people?) this film holds its own and will satisfy your need to laugh.

And be sure to stick around after the credits for some extra goodies - including a world-shattering revelation by the smallest Simpsons, Maggie!

Reviewed by: adam