Rescue Dawn

Based on the true story of German-born Dieter Dengler, who dreamed of being a test pilot and thus made his way to America, where he joined the military in pursuit of his obsession to fly. On his first mission in Vietnam, he is shot down and captured by Vietcong guerrillas.

What follows is an intense picture of human survival, endurance, and finding a strength I hope I never have to find. 

Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, and Jeremy Davies were all absolutely amazing. Steve looked like a living skeleton walking through the prison yards. Jeremy Davies a loon living too long behind bamboo fences and Christian Bale once again showing us his ability to follow DeNiro and Hanks through the evolution of a starving person.
Bale instead of playing his typical bad ass Harsh Times character plays a humble very normal man who just chased his dream of flying across the wrong skyline. 

I loved Werner Herzog's(Grizzly Man)ability to even create the characters of the guards through the prisoner's nicknames and perspectives. You even feel sorry and try to relate to SOME of the guards who in a way are as much of a prisoner as the prisoners. The jungle is the when food and water stops coming in from the outside tension and frustration builds and the mercury rises for everyone...especially our captive heroes.
Just when you thought you were done with POW and escape movies an old German director gives you a new perspective on a event that he's obviously very passionate about.

Reviewed by: shea