Maxx, The
The series follows the story of The Maxx, a homeless man who believes he is a superhero. The Maxx shifts between the real world and a dream world, which he refers to as The Outback, which is just as real to him as the real world. His only friend is Julie Winters, a "freelance social worker". Little does she know that she and The Maxx have a deeper connection, and it involves the dream world into which The Maxx is constantly drawn.

A great conceptual comic. Very well written and I love the art. The Maxx could be becoming one of my favorite unheralded comic book characters. He lives in an alley box wearing a super tight(as in looks cool) costume with huge spikes on his hands. He talks and narrates to himself internally but sometimes he doesn't realize it...but he begins speaking his narration.

Maxx's evil villain is Mr. Gone who is constantly sending Shark Men and little carnivorous Iszes to try and kill him or kidnap Julie. The Isz to normal humans look like what they are disguised as BUT to Maxx they are little black big teethed boogers who are hard to catch and even harder to squash. The Shark Men are a worthy foe but quickly become impossible if blood is spilled. They go crazy for blood.

The comic can get pretty confusing so read carefully. The switches to the Outback and reality and all the "other world" concepts can pull you in for a much more involved read than you were expecting. But if you take the time and energy it's well worth the time.
MTV did a show page for page on the first couple issues of the comic. I got to check it on Youtube and have posted the intro at the bottom for you. I wish it would come out on DVD...a definite buy.
Reviewed by: shea