A Better Tomorrow 2
(*) gets the props for introducing me to this great movie. I discovered it on his favorite movie list and I'm seriously considering adding it to mine.

In this sequel, Ho refuses to go undercover amidst his old gang. He only accepts after his little brother, policeman Kit (Leslie Cheung) accepts the assignment.
Meanwhile in New York Ken Gor (Chow Yun-Fat) shelters the boss of the gang, who has had to flee after an over turn in leadership that the undercover brothers are finding themselves smack in the middle of.

One of my favorite aspects of "Better" is the characters; Blood is proven thicker as family and friends stick back to back through bullet or blade.
My favorite character in the movie is Kit, the younger undercover brother. I love the turmoil between his wife, his job, his girlfriend?, and his brother. Oh...and the boat yard scene is pretty sick where he blazes through a money exchange, wrangles a boat, and kills an army of tyrannical triads only to be forced under the gun of his OWN BROTHER!

The gun play that is married to the spewing blood and classic Woo slow mo can only be compared to a romantic ballet. Over the years I'd forgotten the beauty that is old John Woo. Beautiful violence.Many of you at this point are shifting uncomfortably in your seats at the union of those two words. "Beautiful violence". The movie is about heroes of justice, loyalty, and honor. It's about family, friends, and the kinda love that sticks to the ribs.

The heroes of Hong Kong filled me with two hours of amazement and glee that reminds me yet again that I've so many more movies that I need to see.
(*) here's to your silent recommendation. I absolutely loved this one.
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* (asterisk) (http://suchastheyare.blogspot.com) said...
Yay for heroic bloodshed! Glad you dug it, bro.