Hard Boiled

Tequila is a "hard boiled" cop who loses his partner in a shoot-out with gun smugglers. In order to bring down the gun smugglers, Tequila must team up with an undercover cop named Tony, who goes undercover as a hired gun with a Hong Kong Triad, which is run by a vicious boss named Johnny Wong.

Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung were amazing together. Their chemistry with Woo's style meshed perfectly.

To get the good things said first. As always with me and John Woo it's hit or miss. Broken Arrow...MISS. Face Off...HIT. A Better Tomorrow 2...HIT. Windtalkers..............blah....

As (*) said in the Better Tom. 2 post. Before Woo went to Hollywood he was the one eyed man in a land of blind.

Hard Boiled was a salt and pepper of good and tired. Bad and exciting. The scene that mirrors modern day Children of Men of Chow and Tony blazing through the hospital uncut was awesome. Chow holding the baby in the shoot out...amazing. Some sporadic slow motion and debris blasting action...of course....AMAZING. The characters...interesting.

Beyond these thrills I was tired with the two hour run time. I was tired of seeing hospital patients running through doors and tired of seeing flames blow through windows. I enjoyed many PARTS of this movie and didn't feel it was a waste of time BUT I will say it was kind of a let down after Better Tomorrow 2.

Some iconic moments amongst the debris of what could have been better(Tomorrow 2).
Reviewed by: shea