Afro Samurai
In a strange world of swords, guns and kimonos, cell phones and cybernetic body parts - a black samurai named Afro(Samuel L. Jackson) seeks revenge from a man named Justice (Ron Perlman) who killed his father and also happens to be the #1 sword fighter in the world.

After Afro earns the rank of #2 fighter which is needed to challenge the #1, he starts his lonely walk to revenge. He faces bounty hunters, bar thugs, and fanatical monks - all of whom seem to have clues to the whereabouts of Justice and all of whom covet the position of #2 for themselves. Also along the way we are introduced to Afro's chatty companion - the light hearted Ninja Ninja(also Sam J.).

The animation and choreography was perfect, seamless, and beautiful. The story rich, the journey unpredictable, and the heroes interesting. I highly highly recommend. I'm going immediately after work to add this to my collection.

For any one who loves anime, samurai, or nonstop continuous blood soaked action. I highly recommend. I can't stop thinking about the amazingness that is AFRO.
Reviewed by: shea